The term RevLife is rooted from a combination of two words; revolution and lifestyle.  Revolution defined as a “fundamental change from one constitution to another” and Lifestyle as "a way of life for an individual, group, or culture.” 

The mission of this health and wellness program is to provide the highest quality of education, individualized planning and execution of all types of people. You will not only know how to achieve results but will know how to sustain them.

Due to his extensive expertise and knowledge, Joe Krausz, founder of RevLife, organically created this program by his personal experiences as a certified trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM), Certified Muay Thai Trainer, and as an Elite Dance Instructor for nearly 8 years.

Joe Krausz is a trusted practitioner that aims to incorporate all organic nutrition and exercise within moderation to promise you positive results in mental health, physical fitness, and disease prevention.

RevLife is a new approach meticulously crafted to move the health and fitness industry to cultivate a well-rounded future for all participants of this program.